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ARTICLE: Business cards-Powerful marketing tools in the Philippines by Ema Sis

One of the powerful tools in business advertisements are business cards. Advertisements are the appropriate medium through which one can promote their business goals. Business cards, simply carry message regarding organization or an individual. Visiting cards are marketing tools which introduce business and services to others. Cheap printing services can serve a lot in commerce. For powerful and efficient services Calgary printers are good selection. Quality, pattern and texture of cards are fundamental since it provides prime idea about commerce. Calgary business cards are fine selection in quality assistance for making ceaseless impression.

Various types of business cards

1) Basic cards: These cards are widely used by individuals for particular purposes. It is available in two colors, black and white combination.

2) Multipurpose cards: As its name suggests these cards are utilised for multiple purposes. Along with business features it may include photos or route site map of organization.

3) Picture cards: These cards can boost commerce largely why because it includes images of products as well as business persons. Client’s got clear idea about what commerce comprise.

4) CD Cards: These are business cards created with latest technology. Technology development facilitates these cards with storage ability up to 100 MB.

How to create business cards attractive?

We can create beautiful cards by using suited backgrounds in them. Composed color combination can make them even much beautiful than using unattractive colors. For grabing attention on special attribute like communicating information we can apply circles or boxes around it while designing. Commercial logos are unique attribute in commerce; they can be printed with multi colors. Text size in the cards must be clear for readers. Quality paper and ink are critical in printing since it can serve clear and bright color to cards. Effectively using both sides, we can print all desired features of commerce. Also photos can be inserted in cards, making use of color print. Another innovation in business cards are metallic letters can be inserted which make long impression.

Business cards are conventional marketing tools in business and it is still applicable. Recent business cards not only include communicating information but are changing along with present trends. According to organizational or individual preferences visible effects, printing techniques, cost etc may vary. Cards can create a lasting impression about company, that's why business people spend much in card printing. Calgary printers are leaders in cheap business card printing. They provide unique printing, making use of different design and templates according to client’s want and keep professionalism in their services. Also cards are offered in various shapes such as square, rectangle, oblong, round and so on. Their service offer cards of different varieties such as magnetized cards, laminated and black & white to full color. Magnetized cards can be adhere to any metallic surface and it serves constant reminding of business and service. Skilled designers can design and make communicative cards and will catch more attention. Along with quality clients give preference to affordable price. Calgary offers cheap cost in bulk printing and these attributes makes them number one in printing services.

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