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We value your privacy. We will not sell your contact info to anyone. We will not display your details in our portfolios and catalogs.


To Our Valued Customers:

We advise that instead of bringing your laptops or gadgets to transfer your logo or design to us, you may use a USB drive or just email it us. Not only that its more convenient, its also safer against the prying eyes of opportunistic thieves.

If you really have to bring them, please take extra care and make sure its secure.

A friendly reminder from:

Your uEDGE Team


NOTE: Our Policies, Terms, Prices and Products Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

1 A minimum of 1 hour is needed to complete 1 calling card box.
2 Orders accepted 2 hours before closing time might be available for pickup the next opening day of the store, depending on the qty ordered.
3 We deliver via courier both local and international with added fee; FREE deliveries in selected areas.
4 We do not sell extra empty boxes
5 All completed cards are subjected to strict quality control prior to delivery
6 Prices are subject to change without prior notice
7 We allow  pickup of completed orders at another branch, but this is subject for conditions and production restrictions.
8 We have the right to decline any orders or deliveries if we think it violates any existing company policies
9 All complaints related to our staff or our products are subject for investigation and prompt action from uEDGE management
10 Orders are handled in a First-In-First-Out method 
11 Some promos and special discounts are only available in the branch where it is being advertised, unless specified otherwise.