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We value your privacy. We will not sell your contact info to anyone. We will not display your details in our portfolios and catalogs.


To Our Valued Customers:

We advise that instead of bringing your laptops or gadgets to transfer your logo or design to us, you may use a USB drive or just email it us. Not only that its more convenient, its also safer against the prying eyes of opportunistic thieves.

If you really have to bring them, please take extra care and make sure its secure.

A friendly reminder from:

Your uEDGE Team

Q1 What is a QR Code? How much it cost?

A QR Code is a 2D matrix barcode image that contains a person’s contact information that can be scanned by almost any phones with camera installed.  This technology is originally used in Japan in manufacturing plants and is now adapted into mobile technology which utilises the most common medium of sharing contact details, the business card.

We offer it FREE of charge if you avail any of our products.

Q2 How much does it cost for back to back printing?
  Additional fee per box for any package selected, please call any of our branches for updated price.
Q3 What is a "full-color printing" and how much does it cost?
  Full-color printing means that the background color or image will cover the whole side of the card, we charge an added fee per side for this feature.  
Q4 Do you offer offset printing?
  No. Our printing method are all digital.
Q5 What are the advantages of digital printing?
  Digital printing allows us to produce business cards considerably faster compare to offset printing with the same or even better output quality. There are no plates needed, so printing could take an average of 1 hour for one box of business cards. The other significant advantage is we do not have a minimum order required.
Q6 How much does it cost if i ask you to design or layout my card?
  Its FREE! We even have a ready-made Design Gallery to give you options on how you want your cards to look like
Q7 What are the benefits of having a laminated business cards?
  Lamination adds wax-like effect (matte) or extra glossy coating (glossy) on the surface of the card, which results to a high-end feel and plastic like protection. Other benefits include: water-proof and almost tear-proof features, which make it durable and long-lasting.
Q8 Do you offer both matte and glossy papers?
  Yes. Matte papers are in the thickness of: 220gsm to 300gsm, Glossy boards are from: 250gsm to 300gsm.
Q9 Do you offer plastic business cards?
  We offer "acetate" cards with double lamination to produce glass-like effect. 
Q10 What are the available sizes of your cards?
  We have the regular size: 3.5" x 2" and also "special cuts" for: minis, square-cuts and labels.
Q11 How do you cut your cards?
  We do NOT use ordinary paper cutters! We have specialized cutting machines to cut your cards precisely with clean-cut edges, absolutely no "himulmol"!
Q12 Can i bring my own design?  What file format do you allow?
  Yes. You may send it via e-mail or bring it using your USB drive. We allow only the following file format: JPEG, PNG, GIF or PSD. Other formats are exported to JPEG.
Q13 Do you offer logo design service?
  Yes. But with added fee.
Q14 Can i order online?
  Yes. You can send your design via e-mail at: and pay thru bank deposit.
Q15 Do you save a copy of my design for future reprints?
  Yes! And you can reprint your cards in any of our existing branches.
Q16 Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes. Discounts start on orders 3 boxes and above.
Q17 Do you issue Official Receipts (OR)?

Q18 Can i have my cards ordered in one branch and then pick it up in another branch?

Yes. As long as the other branch was informed on the time the order is confirmed and they agreed to accomodate and commit on the printing/date imposed by customer.
Q19 What is the standard qty packaging per box?

We normally pack 100 pcs per box for most of our products and 50 pcs per box on some.
Q20 Can you still reprint my cards if i lost the original image file or soft copy?
  Yes. We could try scanning your old card if you have one, or we could recreate if your logos are available online for download. Lastly, you can choose from any of our existing ready-made designs for your new cards.
Q21 Do you have a minimum order?

Q22 Can you fix my logo or delete the background color?
  Yes. As long as the task is minimal and doesn't require major image editing.